Unique Mountain Retreat in North Georgia Wilderness

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY: Closing April 15, 2024

April 2024

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Cypress Micro Resort is brought to you by Thin Spaces, a hospitality company offering guests unique retreat concepts in stunning natural environments.

Opportunity to Invest in a Fully Entitled and Designed project

Project Overview

Cypress Micro Resort is a unique-stay hospitality development in the North Georgia mountains, 1.5 hours from Atlanta. The project will be the first iteration of this proven unique-stay concept in the region, targeting luxury travelers seeking privacy, exceptional service and immersion in nature. The full development will include 22 units and multiple wellness, spa and F&B amenities spread across a breathtaking landscape with on-site river and waterfall.

Launching in Fall 2024 with the development of three Phase I units. With $1M seed funding already secured, the project team has successfully navigated entitlement and design processes and are ready to move forward with construction once funded.

Investment Opportunity

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  • Total Phase I Cost


  • Phase I Equity Raise


  • Min. LP Investment


  • Target LP IRR


  • Target LP MOIC


  • Exit Timeline

    3 Years

  • Fundraise Launch

    March 15, 2024

  • Closing Date

    April 15 2024

Location Overview

Just 50 minutes from Atlanta and under 1.5 hours from Chattanooga, Cypress offers access and privacy in the picturesque North Georgia mountains. Regionally, the Southeast has been largely untouched by the unique-stay trend like the Mountain West and Northeast. The properties that do exist are some of the best performing unique-stay and retreat properties in the country and in the world.

Intown Treehouse

Intown Treehouse

The 'Secluded Intown Treehouse' ws one of the most booked Airbnb's in the world in 2020/2021. Nestled in a non-descript, suburban Atlanta backyard, the bohemian treehouse offers an easy escape into the woods. Its drawn a large following online and has garnered substantial press mentions for its bohemian design & unique features, such as the floating bed.
Key Competitor

Bolt Farm Treehouse

Bolt Farm Treehouse

Bolt Farm Treehouse is a pioneer of the unique stay & microresort categories. It has some of the highest occupancy and nightly rates among its contemporaries.
Key Competitor

Cypress Microresort

Cypress Microresort

This is the location of the first Cypress Microresort
Subject Property

Blackberry Farm

Blackberry Farm

Blackberry Farm is one of the United State's legacy outdoor resorts, having been founded in 1941. Rates regularly top $2,000+ per night, drawing international visitors for its secluded cabins and world class food & beverage offerings.
Key Competitor

Project details

The Thin Spaces team identified North Georgia as a primary target for this concept due to its demographics, access & proximity to population density and the competitive dynamics discussed above. The team has successfully navigated and completed the entitlement process with a commercial rezone and building permits in-hand. All architecture and engineering needed to construct Phase I has been completed.


This first Cypress Microresort location spans over __ acres, with a 50ft waterfall, rolling hills, granite cliffs and lush forest. Individual suites will be scattered across the site, minimizing impact on the natural environment and offering guests privacy when in their units.

Phase I will launch three 890 sq ft luxury suites, each outfitted with essential luxury amenities, including private hot tubs and high-end kitchens. The future roadmap involves expanding the suite count and adding a range of top-tier facilities: a full-service spa and fine dining options, all while maintaining an intimate connection with the surrounding natural environment.


The project commenced design work in late 2022 with local architects leading the project. We anticipate completion of project one by April 2024. The modular casita structures facilitate swift 12-18 month construction.

Fundraise Launch: February 2024
Indications Due: February 2024
Fundraise Close: March 2024
Phase I Complete: October 2024

Project thesis

Sustainable tourism is surging, with 66% of travelers now prioritizing eco-lodging. Yet few immersive, sustainable nature retreats exist near major Southeastern hubs. The few that do are some of the top performing Airbnb and retreat properties in the country, and the world.

Rise of unique stay hospitality

The COVID-19 pandemic brought people out of their homes into nature - the only place free of lockdowns and health risk - like never before. A generation of travelers that prioritizes experience was brought to the bounds of nature. In these hubs around National Parks and other outdoor focused destinations, small unique Airbnb properties began to catch fire on social media. A new category of unique stay hospitality was born and brought to the forefront.

Next Iteration: Scaling Unique Stay Hospitality

Developers brought unique stays to scale - placing multiple thoughtfully-designed units on shared sustainable properties with curated amenities. Immersive retreats near nature hubs and in close proximity to major metros on the East and West coasts surged in popularity.

Key Comps
Live Oak Lake · Waco, TX (7 Units)*
Onera · Fredericksburg, TX (12 Units)*
Clark Farm Silos · Kalispell, MT (5 Units)
Bolt Farm Treehouse · Whitwell, TN (8 Units)


Live Oak Lake ($7M, source)

Onera Fredericksburg ($9M, source)

Location Details

The North Georgia mountains are still waiting for a unique retreat property to bring the kind of success seen at Atlanta's In-Town Treehouse and Bolt Farms. Over 20M people visit the region every year and current market supply does not match the interests & desires of the +5M millennials and gen Z in cities like Atlanta, Savannah, Charleston, Charlotte, Asheville and beyond.

Current Supply
Current Supply in the Region is Largely Outdated
Unique Advantages

Zoning & Commercial Use

The project team spent over 2 years building relationships with municipal officials in order to rezone the site for commercial use. They received approval for the zone & use change in fall 2022, resulting in an immediate valuation increase of __%.

Natural Beauty of the Site

The property has a creek and waterfall on-site, becoming one of the key amenities for Cypress guests looking to experience nature in a unique, new way.

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Cypress Microresort is an innovative hospitality concept set to redefine luxury and privacy in the eco-tourism sector. Nestled in a serene, natural setting, these unique microresorts will offer an intimate experience with bespoke cabins and personalized services, tailored to meet the discerning tastes of modern travelers seeking tranquility and a deep connection with nature.

Our team

Tanner Cummings
Owner & Operator

Tanner Cummings brings a decade of experience as a QA software engineer to the table. Fluent in the language of technology, his background is deeply rooted in the Young Life Ministry, where he developed a lifelong commitment to service and care, honed over two decades. This ethos of compassion and dedication was cultivated from childhood, influenced by his father's 40-year tenure in the ministry.

Melissa Cummings
Owner & Creative Director

Melissa Cummings, a chemist-turned-Physician Associate, exemplifies a unique blend of precision, creativity, and results-driven approach. Her career journey includes groundbreaking chemical development at Merck, and a pivotal shift towards direct patient care. Opting for a Physician Associate path over an MD, she prioritized patient interaction, leading mid-level services at a renowned kidney clinic in Atlanta. Her multifaceted talents extend to entrepreneurial endeavors; creating and selling jewelry on Etsy, with profits funding her medical missions to South America.

Dave Rogenmoser

Co-founder, former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Jasper AI. Advisor and 10% equity shareholder of Thin Spaces LLC.


Live oak lake

Live Oak Lake offers 7 modern, lake-front Cabins. Located just outside of Waco, TX, Live Oak Lake has built a sizable following with over 150,000 followers and draws visitors from around the world. The project was acquired by private equity in late 2023 for $7M (or $1M/key), just under 3 years after opening.

Sale Price

Key statistics

Statistics from Live Oak Lake

  • Build Cost


  • Project Launch


  • Key Count

    7 Cabins

  • Property Revenue


  • Avg Nightly Rate


  • Occupancy


  • Sale Price


  • Sale Year


category comps


Fredericksburg, TX
Avg. Nightly Rate
Closest City
1h 45m

Bolt farms

Whitwell, TN
Avg. Nightly Rate
Closest City
2h 10m

willow house

teralingua, tx
Avg. Nightly Rate
Closest City